Travel Kenk Dream Inc. specializes in the personalized and stress free travel requirements of my clients across Canada.

Vacations will create experiences and life-long memories for ourselves and our loved ones through our beautiful Canada Country.

Events are special and allow us to celebrate with others anywhere in Canada.

You have many things on your mind when it come to Business travel and I will ensure your travel arrangements will be one less stress in no time to reach your destination across Canada.

At Travel Kenk Dream Inc. you are treated like family and you will discover the personalized service will allow you to enjoy your travels in Canada.

Please do not hesitate to complete the Travel Request Form so I can make your trip enjoyable and safe. Thank you

My goal is not only to make your trip enjoyable and safe but to give you options.
Everyone is different and everyone is looking for something different. So either you are looking for the perfect spot for a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday and/or any Event big or small you have in mind, Travel Kenk Dream Inc.want to give you few choices.

You can select and create your own trip and/or you can contact me and I will help you to create what you are looking for. You have to remember if you have read “About Me”, I have been over 22 years in the Administration Industry as an Administrator and won 3 awards to be the best of the best. Which means; creating Events, organizing and scheduling Travel arrangement. That is why I am the best because I will always look to get the best deal for you, your family, your friends and your guest. A client was asking me if I can assist in the creation of her wedding and another one was asking me to assist for a 60th Anniversary Birthday. No problem – Even though I am there to direct you and help you in the best manners of my knowledge for your trip, as a former Administrator, I want to be there for you; for what you are looking for and need. Travel Kenk Dream Inc. is different then any other Travel place you have experience. Yes, I offer great tips and Travel experience but the way I personalize everyone request, this is why it’s make me unique. This is why I am the best of the best, This is why I won 3 awards because I am good at what I do! Because I am there for you only, your family, your friends and guest. 

There is options and you are not stop to one only. Instead of opening so many windows trying to find the best deal, I bring you all the information to you through this website. I also come across a client who is very important through the Social Media and want to keep their Privacy and confidentiality which I guarantee and will find the right place in this manner for this person not to be bother and still have their privacy. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, what budget you have Travel Kenk Dream Inc. personalize your trip for what you are looking for. Personalize services for what you want. Just look, if you can’t find it, just ask! I am there for you…

You rather go with a Travel Club, that is great. I have the best travel club you can imagine! There is a lot of Travel Club but this one is different and that is why I choose it. Not only it’s give you great rewards but the rate shrinker quick in from the moment you leave your house to the moment you get on board. It is more then accumulating points. That is why it’s make this Travel Club unique. Watch the video under World Class Company of my website and you’ll understand.

You want to take pictures, who doesn’t on holiday but why not benefits from your pictures by adding interest and money. Snap, Tag and Share! Why not….The opportunity is there, so why not benefit of it. Check it out under “Other Opportunities”

This website is not finish yet as I am building this by myself. Every piece of information I am including, I am trying to think outside of the box so it can give you options. Some people doesn’t like to give option because it doesn’t direct them which means you  to their funnel to make money. My philosophies, it’s not about money. It’s about what you want, what you are looking for. Every day, you will find new information. We are all different, we all look for different information and that is why it’s important for me to take the time to give you the right information.  

***Please note once Travel Request Form is submitted, you won’t received a confirmation – I am sorry for the inconvenience and we are working to make sure you will received in the future a proper confirmation but I can assure you, once you click submit we do receive accordingly all the information. You can also contact me underHow to reach Me“.

Please share your comments so I can improve this website the way you want it. Thank you and hope to connect with you soon… 


Julie Kenk




How To Select The Right Seat on The Plane

Being Less Tired Will bring you More Energy!

Choosing your seat is probably one of the Most important aspect of you being on board. If you don’t take the time to choose prior, you will be ending up against a windows or even in the middle and then wondering who will be your neighbor and hoping you can make a deal if you don’t like to sit where you are. Did you know that some airlines will charge you if you choose the emergency seat. We all love that space, it’s big but it’s come with responsibility if something happen. Some don’t mind but you need to make sure you know what to expect when you choose your seat.

There is some site who will show you what is the poor seat, the good seat or even be aware of that seat. I don’t think there is any bad seat in a plane. I believe if you are not with someone familiar going with you it is going to be as good as it gets. So if you don’t want to socialize, you might want to be close to a windows. If you have a baby or a child under the age of 11 years old you may want to be on the first row. For those who are tall like me and have long legs, that is always an issue so either you choose the emergency seat or either the front row. Some will say, hey what about the aisle – there is nothing wrong about the aisle but remember they pass the food cart all the time so if you do sleep, the cart will knock down your elbow or crunch your feet. That hurt!

For those who can afford, there is always the business class and the first class – Lots of space and lots of great service. First class is known for the superlative meal with glass of wine or even champagne. It is your butler at your services. Not only the seat are wide and spacious but the service you get is top 10. Now, in the First class or Business class to depend if you take the short-haul or the long haul, domestic or international you will have the option to choose the seat you want. You would be amaze how it feel to be on the first class. I have experienced it and I love it! For the price and the service sometimes it’s worth it. Some International Tokyo flight have even the option to give you a flat bed seat. That is something! But most people who wants to be comfortable will choose First Class or Business class for the wide seat available and the space this section has to offer. Keep in mind if you can afford you can event choose the pod if you travel over 6 hours. The beauty with a pod, it is a recliner chair that turns into a flat bed not as sophisticate like Tokyo Flight but good enough to make you feel like home. Lots of privacy that is separated from 1/2 wall. You are in an angle so you don’t really see your neighbor. Every plane is different and that goes with only what you want and what you are looking for. Today there is no limit from the Air space. You can even reserved your own jet if you are that business person who require to have their staff travelling with you. The question is; what is your budget?

In this industry you have 2 category which is Short-haul and Long-haul. Below is showing you what is available. At the end of day, it’s all about you! what do you want? What is your comfort zone you want to be during your trip.  Most airlines will have a personal entertainment system where you can watch movie and watch news even cartoons for the kids. Not to mention that behind every seat we do have the seat pocket where you have not only all the instruction regarding your plane but magazine and enough space to put your small personal effects. Most Airlines now have also a phone behind every seat where you can use your credit for a small amount. Internet is also a great accessibility for any travelers who require to access the internet.

Short-haul (flights under 6 hours)
* Economy Class
* First/Business Class

Long-haul (flights over 6 hours)
* Economy Class
* Premium Economy Class
* Business Class
* First Class

Airline are trying every year to come up with solutions to accommodate all of us. But of course we have to pay the prices. To minimize the cost and make sure you arrive from point A to point B this is why you have so many options available to you. Now through Travel Kenk Dream Inc. I give you 2 options; the first one you can search your flight and book it from your own preferences or the second option, you can complete the Travel Request Form and you will get a personalize service without no headache.

Booking a flight is easy, anyone can do this but are you aware of all the rules that is included in your flight like; Airport taxes, luggage weigh, cost of carry on, what to do if you bring a bicycle, if you travel with an infant, if you are overweight and you are worry that you might need 2 seats, if you go to a hunting tours and you bring your gun and not sure how that work even fishing, skiing. Do you know the rules if you send your child to another province alone for Christmas or any holiday because you ex has move there. As much as we love our pets, they do fly too but there is rules. All of these question is not part of your flight when you booked online. Some will have the option some not. This is where I take away all the worry from you and make sure that you have an awesome trip without no incident. That is my guarantee to you from the moment you leave your home to the moment you arrive to your destination!



Stay on The Ground by Choosing The Train
Move Away, Speed Away, Seeing All the Way!

Why not choosing Train as an accommodations of transport for holiday from point A to point B. There is so many great value by taken the train. Not only you have one of the best services offer through your journey but it’s give you time to view the scenery along the way. Train today as many aspect that can offer you comfort and luxury from what you are looking for. Why driving when you can have a nice cup of coffee and watch the view flying buy. This is one thing that you need to add to your bucket list.

European train are among the most comfortable and modern in the world.

Most train around the world has their seating available which is larger and offers more leg room then on a bus or plane. You are not confined to your seat as you might be in the bus or even in the plane but can move freely between any of several coaches and dining, lounge and observation cars. Onovernight journeys you can choose from a wide selection of sleeping facilites. Train offer comfortable way to see the countryside from ground level without stress and offer facilities which permit business people  to work in comfort.
You might enjoy a drink in the bar car or savor a five-course dinner in the dining car or at your seat.

Did you know that most railway terminal are normally  located at or near the business and commercial  center of a city. Not to mention that in Europe the rail network is so extensive that almost any place in Europe can be reached by train. Statistically, rail travel is the safest mode of transport.

Canada Coast to Coast Trip!                        Canada East Coast Trip!

Canada Coast to Coast Canada East Coast Trip

 Canada East Coast – 11 days Trip!                     Artic Road Trip!

Canada East Coast - 11 days Trips  Arctic Road Trip

Vancouver Island Rail Trip!                               Victoria Rail Trip!

Vancouver Islan Rail Trip            Victoria Rail Trip

Now this is only Canada but all around the world there is so many way for you to visit the world and knowing this beautiful journey from the wild west. Via Rail Canada is one of them and the best of the best. Via Rail is the National rail system of Canada, established as a crown corporation in 1978. It is responsible  for the operation of all intercity and transcontinental passenger services. Trans-Canada rail service has existed since 1885.

Via Rail Canada Logo
Baggage tips:
* Check in 30 minutes before departure
* Free allowance varies according to train service
* Excess pieces are subject to a fee
* Carry-on is limited to 2 pieces
*Bicycles and child carriers must be checked at a charge

*Pets are prohibited in passenger cars
* Can be transported in baggage cars appropriate large enough for the animal to stand

Special Services
* Pre-boarding – Elderly, customers with young children and VIA 1 class customers can be boarded early.
* Special Meal & Wheelchairs require 48-hour notice.
* Storage of perishable medicines require advance verification the train will have the appropriate equipment.
* Smoking/Non-smoking – Prohibited on board all Quebec-Windsor corridor trains. On other trains only cigarettes allowed in specially designated cars.

Sleepers Accommodations
* Sleeper are private or semi-private beds offered as a berth, single double or triple bedroom. Shower facilities are located nearby and meals are not included but are generally available for purchase.
– A berth: is two double seats that face each other  by day which become  an upper and lower bed at night and equipped with a privacy curtain.
– Single, double and triple room:  are private accommodations for one to three people and include a sink and toilet.

There is so many options and so many variances to depend which train you are taken. To give you an idea of what it’s look like here some insight. The Prestige Sleeper will be coming up in 2015 which is the huge bed with the huge sitting area. From any class you are it will turn into a bed from a berth to single to double to triple room. What is matter is what you want.


It doesn’t matter where you want to go Travel Kenk Dream Inc. personalize your trip and make sure your journey from point A to point B is enjoyable. To help me to make this The dream trip one of your bucket list, please make sure you complete the Travel Request Form and you will get a personalize service without no headache.


Drive By Bus Towards Us
Take The Time To Bus In and Out!

One of the most relax transportation would be the bus. In Canada we have Greyhound. This greatest company now offer great services all around North America. Not only you can have wi-five but also be able to plug your laptop and mostly have space in between seat. In 1929 Greyhound Canada was founded as Canadian Greyhound coaches, limited, operating first in BC and then Alberta. Over the years not only Greyhound has expend but also accomodate so many people for transportation. So if you have time and want to relax and enjoy the surrounding Greyhound is one of the best transportation.

At my early age, I took Greyhound to go to New York. Great service, great ride and the most they arrive on time as per their schedule. You want to save on budget, Greyhound is so affordable for any budget. All bus will have a facility on board for washroom which is very convenient.

There is rules like in any transportation and that is where Travel Kenk Dream Inc. is there to guide you. They have zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs, weapons and unruly behavior.

When you are on board here are some of the restrictions;
* Photography, video or audio recording  of Greyhound personnel , equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited.
* For your safety and the safety of those around you, passenger should remain seated while the bus is in motion.
* No dogs, cats, birds or other animals will be transported. However, a service animal, trained for the purpose of the accompanying a disabled person, will be permitted to travel with the disabled person at no additional charge.

Unaccompanied Children

Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by someone age 15 years or older. An unaccompanied child is a passenger between the ages of eight and 14 years old (inclusive, NO EXCEPTIONS) and may travel unaccompanied if the following conditions are met in their entirety:

  1. The unaccompanied child must not transfer from one coach to another.
  2. The trip must begin and terminate on the same schedule. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Unaccompanied minors must have an Unaccompanied Child Form completed for them. An Unaccompanied Child Form must be filled in for each direction of travel (round trip would require two completed forms).
  4. The child must be met at the destination station by the person specified on the Unaccompanied Child Form.
  5. If two or more children between the ages of eight and 14 are traveling together (without a passenger 15 years of age or older) each child must have a completed Unaccompanied Child Form.
  6. Trip must take place during daylight hours only.
  7. Under no circumstances should any child be bumped on any trip. This also includes bumping the child onto an overload.
  8. The destination terminal/agency must be open upon arrival.
  9. The schedule trip should not exceed five (5) hours in duration.
  10. The unaccompanied child and the parent/guardian should be at the terminal at least 40 minutes before departure.
  11. A fee of $5.00 plus tax will be assessed for each child traveling unaccompanied.

All unaccompanied children travel as individuals and will be charged the student fare. Please note that this also applies when two or more unaccompanied children travel together. No other discount fares apply.


Liability for baggage is limited by applicable tariff. All baggage must be claimed promptly upon arrival. Storage charges apply for late claimed baggage. Liability for lost or damaged interstate checked baggage is limited to the actual value not to exceed $250 per Adult Fare or $125 per Child Fare. Certain articles are not accepted for carriage. There is no liability for unchecked baggage. Baggage must be properly identified including name and address. Baggage claims must be supported by claim check, identification, ticket receipt and excess value declaration (if any). Claim check must be surrendered in order to obtain baggage. Ask an agent for value limitations on intrastate baggage. Carrier may open and inspect baggage.

Traveling to the United States – Travel Alert: Upcoming Policy Changes

To avoid complications with U.S. Customs, Canadian passengers are advised of the following:

    • Passengers traveling to the United States require two pieces of identification; one having photo. In addition, non-US residents require proof of means of departure from the US. These are the required criteria for travel. Failure to present the aforementioned may result in refusal of transport.
    • ALL passengers over the age of 15 traveling between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda by land or sea (including ferries), will be required to present one of the following:
      • Valid Passport
      • Nexus
      • Enhanced Driver’s License
      • Other documents accepted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Teens 16-18 years old who are traveling as part of an adult-sponsored school, religious, cultural or athletic group, will be allowed entry with just a copy of their birth certificate.

ATTENTION: Passengers without proper Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant travel documents will not be permitted to board the bus for entry into the U.S.A. Transportation will not be provided back to the terminal of trip origin.

For more information please visit the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative site..

  • Possession of or access to sufficient funds (i.e. credit card) to complete your trip is mandatory. Plan for at least $100 USD per day of travel in the United States.
  • Proof of return transportation is required.
  • Single parents with children may be required to show proof of custody. (i.e. a copy of the court order or a note from the other parent and a copy of the large birth certificate with both parents names on it).
  • Proof of employment maybe required. If unemployed a photocopy of a recent bank statement may suffice.
  • Persons convicted of any crime are urged to contact the nearest U.S. Consulate Office before embarking to assess their eligibility to enter the country.
  • Non-residents of Canada or the United States may be required to pay a U.S. Immigration Fee of $6 USD (no Interac or Cheques) at port of entry.

The permanent resident card (PR card) is mandatory for permanent residents wishing to re-enter Canada aboard any commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus). A permanent resident is someone who has been allowed to enter Canada as an immigrant but who has not become a Canadian citizen.

The PR card replaces the paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document and is the official proof-of-status document for permanent residents. The fraud-resistant card provides cardholders with secure, convenient proof of their permanent resident status when re-entering Canada. Because it is highly resistant to tampering and illegal duplication, and offers transportation officials a more effective means of identifying people with permanent resident status in Canada, the PR card will help combat illegal entry into Canada.

Existing permanent residents must be in Canada to apply for the PR card. Application and information kits are available on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website at

Canadian permanent residents presently located outside Canada, who do not have a PR card and who will be returning to Canada on or after December 31, 2003, should visit a Canadian visa office to obtain a limited-use travel document at a cost of $50.

Greyhound logo Bus

Greyhound Locator

It doesn’t matter where you want to go Travel Kenk Dream Inc. personalize your trip and make sure your journey from point A to point B is enjoyable. To help me to make this trip one, please make sure you complete the Travel Request Form and you will get a personalize service without no headache.


Bring Your Home into Your Motorhome
Enjoy The Ride with the ones you like!

Now the Motorhome is another experience you might enjoy. Not sure if you ever seen the movie called RV with Robin Williams, Cheryl Hines and Kristin Chenoweth but it’s not for everyone. You have to know what you are doing. Motorhomes offer you all the amenities like home suit home. You have also different size which is nice. In today’s market now the supplier make sure you have full instruction prior your departure. If you have any question and worry they will show you the right way so you are never left without no incident. It’s even come with the assistance road.

My family and I had the experience of the motorhome and it’s something I would do it over and over. As a wife, I must admit there is few things I left aside for my husband to take care of but by the end of our journey we had a great time. Where you rent your motorhome, they will give you all the basic information, some will go long way to guide you but it’s not everyone.  Your first question when you think renting a motorhome is how many people will be travelling and how much space you want to have.  As per any transportation, the price come with the comfort. As per my experience we were only 3 people (2 adults, 1 kid) but we rented a little bit bigger so we have space. You have to remember it’s a home on wheels so if it’s raining, we are all inside. So make sure you choose wisely.

There is also motor home that can pull your car which is very convenient. Once you park your motorhome, you certainly don’t want to leave the site to get milk if you don’t have the car. So it is important that you think about everything and have a list ready for this beautiful trip ahead. You want to create memories for the kids or grandma not a nightmare to remember forever.

The nice thing about renting a motorhome, they all come with the basic supply so you don’t have to buy extra dishes or cleaning stuff. You can get off the plane and jump into an RV and have everything at your finger. It’s a lot of work but if you do want to experience the West wild to add to your bucket list this is one of a ride.

Have you ever dream to get married in a non-traditional place and bring the family. Cut your expanse by renting the size of your motorhome so have everything there in one place where you can capture the best picture ever for long last memory. This will bring you so many great avenue. Travel Kenk Dream inc. can make your dream come true.

In this industry you have a lots of choice and sometimes that can make you dizzies. Here are the few choices that is available in today’s market

* Van Motorhome
The Van has a capacity of 2 adults, 4 seat belt, roof air conditioning, fresh water reservoir, hot water shower, flushable toilet, waste tank, fridge, 2 burner gas stove, microwave, furnace and auxiliary battery. Some will come with large dinette bed. Overall length is about 20′ to 21′ by overall width 7′.

* Truck Camper
The Truck Camper is very convenient if you have already a truck. This is only an add on into the back of your truck. This feature will accommodate 2 peoples easily. It also come with all the feature regarding the dishes, linen and all the basic a kitchen can provide you. The good thing about this one, you can park it on site and take your truck to to go the store if you did forget something. You never have to worry about moving around your mobile house. As per some say, you can probably fit 2 adults 1 small kid but I am not so sure about the space that would allowed you to move around in this confine space. Two definitively – I would recommend. This of course comes with Queen Size bed, dinette bed, fresh water reservoir, electronic ignition hot water heater, interior and exterior shower for those who wants more freedom, flushable toilet, oven, microwave and 3 burner cooktop stove. Not to mention that it do come with lots of storage. By having your truck, you do have few options of style you can choose. It’s all about comfort and what you are looking for. The overall length is about 23′ to 24′ by overall width 8′.

* Mortohome
Motohome come in so many size from small to x-large to luxury to even wheelchair accessibility. The great thing about this feature you don’t have to worry about your car and can fit every ones in one place. Lots of space that can provide you if you come across a rainy day. Again it’s all about what you are looking for from the comfort you want. Most come with cab-over design, dash and roof air conditioning, fresh water reservoir, hot water sewer, fridge, oven stove, microwave, flushable toilet, waste tank, furnace and auxiliary battery. Not to mention that it comes also with dishes and all the basic need it from the kitchen to the linen. These motorhomes can fit easily 4 adults and 2 small kids. The wheelchair accessible for motorhome is fantastic and give you and the loves ones the privilege to have a better access instead of struggling with the wheelchair. This is your holiday so everyone should enjoy it.  The overall length can go from 20′ to 29′ by overall width 8′.

One thing I want you to be aware as we all fall in love with the motorhome is to be careful and think seriously if you do want to buy one. My advise to you, it’s cheaper to rent one then buying one. If you do buy one, make sure you do your research accordingly. There is so many factor you might not have consider. Plus in Canada our winter is quite something so you will need to find the right storage where you can park your RV but also make sure the proper maintenance for your motorhome is done prior winter. Some jump into this and enjoy their motorhome every weekend and every time they want to go. But the re-sale of a motorhome is a very hard market for the amount you have spent to buy this. So make sure you do think about it and do your research before you put yourself with a huge tag.

So those are the 3 choices but through the 3 choices you can choose so many variance from the quality and comfort you want. It could be overwelmed as you just pick and choose and hope for the best. I give you this information to make sure you were prepare ahead from a trip you might think to go with the family. Now through Travel Kenk Dream Inc. I will make sure you don’t have to worry and go through an adventure you don’t want to remember. I personalize your trip with road map, camping site with the beauty of what nature can bring you. I make sure everyone on board is look after. Prepare the list for you for what you need it through your journey. Give you a list of different activities through the road trip. Reserve for you prior your arrival. All the details you might not think, I look after. I want you and your family to create an awesome trip and that is why I am there to assist you through this awesome journey. For me to help you, take a moment to complete the Travel Request Form where I can assist you in any matters regarding you taking your family on a road trip.




Sorry for the inconvenience – Still under construction – Thank you – New Information will be here soon.


Sorry for the inconvenience – Still under construction – Thank you – New Information will be here soon.


Sorry for the inconvenience – Still under construction – Thank you – New Information will be here soon.



What is The Best Tent or Tipi to Choose
Looking at The Star Make me Feel Like A Superstar!

So Why a Tent or even a Tipi! it’s not for everyone but certainly relaxing in so many great aspect. We love our comfort of our house as we are custom to and for some it’s a must! One thing I’ve noticed as an adult we have more tendency to go camping with the kids to give them great memory and what is ground zero so we can teach them another way of freedom. This experience is the most beautiful gift you can give to any kids going camping, running, fishing and not to mention swimming in the lake. I have worked in the past teaching people how to survive and live with and/or without a tent. Reconnect with nature is probably is the most beautiful thing you can add to your bucket list. Camping for a weekend or couple days where it bring you closer to the people you are with. You don’t have to worry about any electronic, nor laundry or even cleaning.
However choosing the right Tent might be wiser choice then buyer something cheaper and faster that you are not sure about. Unless, you like to sleep looking at the stars then it’s not a problem and you don’t need a tent.
Today’s tent market is the WOW factor as there is plastic furniture, mattress and even sectional room inside your tent.
The first thing you have to ask yourself, how many people will be sharing the space? From the market today you can even fit 15 peoples in a tent and much more.
Do you want a cabin tent or a dome tent?

When you choose a tent there is a lot of choices, from room dividers with pockets inside, 3 seasons tents, 4 season tents to the A-Frame Tent, Umbrella Tent and the last but not the least to the Geodesic or dome tent. The other factor you have to consider, do you want a tent where you stand or not. Not only you have to look at what will be your journey of driving to a site, set the tent and big bada boom you can relax or going hiking for couple hours to find the right place and making sure you have and your team has everything handy on their back of their backpack.
When you buy a Tent plan for a minimum of 25 square feet floor space per person – that way if it do rain you have more space and even so take it a little bit bigger so you can storage your equipment. Lots of people are 6′ height so it is very important to find all the information prior and see if you can accommodate everyone needs for an enjoyable time through the camping site.

The fabric of the tent, touch it, feel it – look to see which season is good for what you are looking for. The price is really not important but more the quality that can bring you through your camping.

There is right now through the market Dome Tent for 7 person at $79.99 to 12 person for $159.99
There is right now through the market Cabin Tent for 6 person at 124.99 to 15 person for $349.99

Of course if you are less then 6 or 7 – there is a variety of tent that is an average of any prices you want. It’s just a manner of what are you looking for. Don’t forget to choose also a tent with window where you can have circulation and keep the air going through. Most tent come with either aluminum or fiberglass poles which is link with an elastic shock cord. Check your tent before you walk out of the store to make sure everything is included. Otherwise you will need to buy the extra necessary to hold your tent. If you are in the middle of nowhere and don’t know how to do certain things – you certainly don’t want to miss anything.

There is also something to consider; if you are not planning to go camping often. How about renting a tent! This is where Travel Kenk Dream Inc. will make sure you don’t have to worry and go through an adventure you don’t want to remember. I personalize your trip from the best gear, from the best rates, from the best Canadian camping experiences with road map, camping site with the beauty of what nature can bring you. I make sure everyone is look after. Prepare the list for you for what you need it through your journey. Give you a list of different activities through the camping site or the hiking site. Reserve for you prior your arrival the camping site. All the details you might not think, I look after. I want you and your family and friends create an awesome trip and that is why I am there to assist you through this awesome journey.

Travel Kenk Dream Inc. has great resources where you can even go for a weekend, couple days, a week into a Tipi and live the experience of the wild west of Canada. How about a Trapper’s tent. You would be amaze how comfortable this could be when everything is on site.

Tipis  Trapper Tent

For me to help you, take a moment to complete the Travel Request Form where I can assist you in any matters regarding you taking your family or your friends camping.




Hotel or Resort
Service to All Clientele from a Great Support!

Choosing an Hotel is as much important as choosing the place you want to go on holiday. That room, that location has to meet your standard. You probably have watched Hotel Impossible with Dennis Rodman or even Hotel Hell with Ramsay. Both TV Show will demonstrated how bad an hotel owner can look after their hotels. They are not bad people but some doesn’t have the right experience to handle an Hotel/Resort or even are overwhelmed or maybe it’s other reason that has occur to have have their Hotel/Resort in such way. Thank God! it’s not everyone but in a way, I am glad those 2 gentleman’s went there and help them to be on the right path. There should be more like them.

I am sure you have experienced the horror of going through an hotel that you wish you would never have cross the door at the first place. I did and it’s not pleasant. I found over the years, I am getting picky more and more because this is the room you are going to sleep in and walk bear feet so it’s important you have a high standard. There is awesome Hotel and Resort out there and treat you the way it should be. There is some also who will cut the corner just to make a profit which is not good as you might not return. We all go through review and look for the best star but as Dennis Rodman has been showing in a 4 star which was not a 4 star you can’t count on that. But with his expertise and support staff, he was able to bring this back to a 4 star. Some who has cross that door and don’t want to make a fuss about it just don’t care and just want to relax and sleep without looking at anything. Today, it’s so important to look at every details you might noticed;  you might get sick because of that which is pretty sad. I am sure you don’t want to find out.

So taken your time to choose wisely beside looking at review and star and reading comments is probably one of the biggest factor. After all your search, you are going to follow your instinct anyway! That is not to mention the food, the activities and the services that is offer through their systems. You are going to put a review anyway at the end of your trip. It’s almost like the mystery shopper and hoping you are helping the next person. I am not Dennis Rodman nor Ramsay but through my experienced of life and sending clients to the right Hotel/Resort has proven that I want to make sure my clients will be going in a place that I know there is no worry and they can sleep at night without no incident.

I have experienced from the 5 star Hotel/Resort to 2 star. We probably all did either because we didn’t have no choice at that time or either we did have a choice and enjoy THE moment through a breath of fresh air. Through the internet there is so many choices it’s even not funny. But most of us will sort first by the price, then by the star then will go through review and hoping the one we found the cheapest fit our bill. We trust the review we saw online or either someone close went there. Time changes and whoever went there, you never know if it turn for good or bad. You just hope the review is the same as our expectations.

So how do you choose the right Hotel/Resort?  Before you go any further and jump into the internet trying to find the right one.

Ask yourself, where do I want to go first and how many people will be with me? It’s important because if you have an infant on holiday just like I did when my daughter was 8 month old, you want to make sure the Hotel/Resort can offer a crib and maybe babysitter at night and what is the rules around that. I use both and I never had to worry about my daughter. If you children is older, maybe you want to check out what is the facility offer for that ages. Having a playground for them at younger age is certainly more then pleasant to have on site. Location, Location is so important. I remember in the past I have booked an Hotel for one of my client in Manitoba and for some reason, the client decided to change due to his business which is fine and end up choosing himself a motel with quarter aside his bed. Man! did he regret not to phone me that night. That was funny. Not exactly what I have booked. So it is very important that you as my client you communicate anything and everything to me so I can make sure your stay is enjoyable not movable.

Do I want to be away from socialization or surrounded of a lot of people? Some people can’t be in a quiet place and has to heard noise. I don’t mind so much socialization nor quiet place but a middle ground is also good. We live in a society that our world turn too kick too fast. We stop looking around and even on holiday we don’t pay attention anymore then only knowing that we are away from work and that is what count. Wife is happy and you are with the kids trying to pass a good time which is good. However, you really need to analyze more your surrounding then guessing from pictures. You might have more then one surprise you were not expected.

Do I want to have lots of activities offer and/or just peace and quiet? I like both but certainly not events that goes on pass midnight to middle of the night which happen often when people drink and doesn’t see the time. I am not that old but I certainly like my sleep. You have to look at what the Hotel/Resort offer and what is their schedule. You might have the best view after all but at what price you are willing to sacrifice some of your sleep. Make sure you are away from bar entertainment if this is not what you want or even swimming pool where you can smell chlorine miles away. It might be convenient for the kids but health wise, not sure it is healthy to breath this all the time. Thank God! to the non-smoking room but still as of today some people are too lazy to go outside and will trick the system to smoke in their room. For a non-smoker that can be very  un-pleasant mostly if you are allergic to smoke. Some of Hotel/Resort still allowed this feature but not all of them and 95% now has turn to non-smoking but has offer for their guess a place where they can smoke freely. I am a smoker which is my bad but regardless, I wouldn’t smoke in a room. I would go to the designated area according to the Hotel/Resort and respect the other that is surrounding me. That is the least I can do.

What is the view I want to see from my window? event though you might say, we won’t be in the room often but I went to New York in a very nice hotel and I said the same thing, until my windows was facing the huge generator a/c which I found out later on because the blinds was close and I didn’t want to create any fuss thinking I won’t be there often. It was late at night when I arrive in my room, I was tired and never see anything through the windows because everything was dark. Huge mistake as overnight, I can heard the noise over and over. But we are talking about 26 years ago which today that wouldn’t happen. Again, I say wouldn’t happen but it always happen. Just came back from Vegas and we were 3 girls taken this room as I didn’t have a choice – windows was facing more machine of some sort and the top roof I was able to see. Even though we were very high up, thank God! I didn’t heard the noise. Window was tick! Would this be my choice of view no but when you share a room, you go with the flow. We all recall that awesome movie “Pretty Woman” with Julie Roberts and Richard Gere. Not sure if you do remember but he did choose the Penthouse as much as he was scared of high, it was all about the view!

Is there any transportation from the airport to Hotel/Resort? It’s not so bad if you are in the city because you can always take a cab or a limousine that your agent has arrange for you but if you are in the middle of no where in a strange place knowing that you are going to be in paradise front ocean view or even mountain view, you’ll need to make sure the Hotel/Resort has in place a system to bring you to your destination. This is no time to attract bad guys which we all know this is the first place they hang around to spot their victims.

At Travel Kenk Dream Inc. you are treated like family and you will discover the personalized service will allow you to enjoy your travels in Canada. 
Please take the time to complete the Travel Request Form so I can help you to achieve your expectations to your standard. It doesn’t matter the budget you might have, I will give you the best of the best.

As I have traveled in many place I did, my intention is to put the review and the star and the price of the Hotel/Resort I come across. That will help you to find what you are looking for. I am there anyway to help you, to find what you can’t find and go through the rules you might not have think ahead. Even bringing your dog into an hotel which is possible. I am there to take your worry away and make your stay enjoyable and of course in a clean, safe, neat surrounding place you will remember.


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