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Safety is the first thing we always look forward towards our trip. This is part of our comfort zone as a human being. Without knowing that we are safe it’s not knowing where we are going to end up. That is one of the biggest fear of people travelling.

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Having everything you need to compliment your travel give you better memories to remember forever. Not much is need it but the minimum to have with you is essential to anyone who leaves home sweet home.

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Pick one place, one time and flight away without no headache. Freedom of thinking there is no limit. Going with your family and friends anytime of the year. Follow your instinct but learn who can help you to save money, make money and have fun! Bon Voyage -

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BrazilBRAZIL                                                SpainSPAIN                                Thailand THAILAND
 Morro De Sao Paulo                       Calvià, Balearic Islands                                  Koh Samui
Patachocas Beach Resort-Brazil  Hotel H10 Punta Negra in Calvia Spain  Thailand resort

  Get your trip Personalize by Travel Kenk Dream Inc. Let me help you to create memory. Anybody can booked an hotel   but how about stress free Travel of every details from the moment you leave your house to the moment you come back. Contact me and you’ll see.


As a Travel Agent you always want to know where they are coming from and who are they. My devotion is to make you see the World like you never seen it. Not only I Personalize your Trip but I look after you from the moment you leave your home to the moment you are coming back.

TRAVEL! As much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can.
Life’s NOT meant to be lived in one place! 

This is my story, My life and Hope to Connect with you on The Other Side. Julie

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